We are pleased to announce the development of Lake City Studios, a brand new Bridge Studios facility - due to launch Spring 2025.


The new Lake City Studios facility is located 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 40 minutes from the airport. The entire site has been designed to provide all of the amenities needed for productions to film their projects on site, and travel to nearby locations to shoot.

This new master-planned complex opens Spring 2025. The new facility sits on an 18.6-acre site that contains 21 new soundstages.

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Opening Spring 2025

Lake City Studios offers 21 purpose built soundstages on 18.5 acres; 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and 40 minutes from YVR airport.


Sound Stages
  • Five 50′ high sound stages ranging from 18,000 to 26,500 sf
  • Ten 40′ high sound stages all approximately 17,000 sf
  • Five 35′ high sound stages ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 sf
  • Laser flat concrete floors
  • All stages have catwalks
  • All roof trusses capable of handling 10,000 pounds each, totaling 200,000 – 300,000 pounds in each stage
Support spaces
  • Level P1B – Seven mill shops ranging from 8,000 – 10,000 sf connected to stages via forklift ramps
  • Level 2 – Seven props lock ups 5,000 sf each connected to stages via freight elevators
  • Level P1B – Set dec lock ups 5,000 – 7,000 sf connected to stages via ramps
  • 5,000 lb capacity freight elevators
  • Level 2&3 – Costumes/wardrobe 5,000 sf each
  • Level 1&2 – Eight individual production offices
  • 75,000 sf lighting and grip facility – powered by MBS Equipment Company (MBSE)

Bridge Studios is proud to commit to making Lake City Studios a 100% Fossil Fuel Free Facility.

  • Crew parking of 1,000 vehicles
  • Base camp, hair & make-up, wardrobe truck parking is 5,500 lineal feet
  • 200 EV (electric vehicle) charging ports
  • 1 supercharger station
  • Site is alarmed, monitored, and has closed circuit 24/7 video surveillance
  • Entry controlled by card access (personnel and vehicular)
  • Records all entries/exits of the site and each main door in the facility
  • Closed circuit surveillance cameras throughout the site monitors all activities


Bridge Studios upcoming 26-Stage expansion featured in The Hollywood Reporter

Our recent announcement of a 42-Stage expansion (three entirely new facilities) is really BIG industry news! So big in fact, that we were featured in an October 19th article by The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s a bit of info on our upcoming expansion


Bridge Studios to Open 39 Sound Stages in Vancouver, British Columbia – Beginning 2023

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Bridge Studios, owners of the first dedicated studio facility in Vancouver, is slated to build 26 new sound stages over the next four years in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, directly neighboring Vancouver. This new construction will bring the total number of sound stages operated by Bridge Studios to 39. Providing…


Central location within the Vancouver / Lower Mainland region.

3131 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3A3 – View Google Map

  • Office HVAC system provided with state-of-the-art Variable Refrigeration Flow  ( VRF) system utilizing internal energy recovery. VRF is a fossil fuel free system with the latest industry technology providing the highest comfort level and performance with the least amount of energy cost.
  • Sound Stages are heated and air-conditioned utilizing Heat Pump Technology & Heat Recovery.  The Heat Pump ERV system is a fossil fuel free system utilizing the latest industry technologies providing the highest performance with the least operational cost. All sound stages are controlled via state-of-the-art BAS (Building Automation System) to optimize the HVAC system performance and energy while providing additional comfort for the occupants.
  • Exceptional soundproofing for control of all exterior sounds
  • Clear span soundstages are constructed from 9 1/2″ thick concrete exterior walls and STC 70 interior demising walls
  • Max interior noise level of 25 dBA (NC 20) weighted decibels
  • Interior walls and ceiling are lined with Insul-Quilt sound absorbing insulation for optimum room acoustics
  • Wi-fi 6 connectivity throughout stages, support and office spaces
  • Redundant, burstable up to 10Gbps internet connectivity
  • 10Gpbs fiber optic network throughout site
  • VoIP phone system
  • Relying on 100% renewable BC Hydro electricity
  • Separate dimmer rooms for each stage
  • Each stage has 4 x 400 amp switches for 1,600 amps each
  • LED lighting throughout facility
  • Low light stumble lights in stage for safe exiting
  • Emergency lighting in grid to allow safe exit/egress for all crew should the power go out
  • Each stage has 4 x 400 amp contactor switched camlocks
  • 1 contactor is located on the stage floor
  • 3 contactors are located in the stage specific dimmer rooms
Bell & Light System
  • Director control system with multiple wall jacks on each of the 4 walls with 100 ft cable to control bell, lights and HVAC system shutdowns


Bridge Studios is proud to commit to making Lake City Studios a 100% Fossil Fuel Free Facility.


  • The entire site is designed to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • The facility uses absolutely No Fossil Fuels and is completely powered by Electricity.
  • In British Columbia electricity is 100% generated by Hydro Power, meaning it’s 100% clean and renewable.
  • The separate waste/recycling building is designed to make recycling easy and reducing the waste generated by the site. Wood, plastic, paper, glass, metal, and organics can all be separated.
  • The lot also has areas where catering can grow fresh vegetables, and there are Bee hives on the roofs.
  • All man lifts, forklifts and golf carts are battery operated. Fully electric vehicles.
  • 35 of the personal vehicle parking spots have 220v EV plug ins.
  • The site has one Supercharger, and electrical hook-ups for Base Camp trailers to plug right in.
  • HVAC VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system uses NO fossil fuels.
  • LED lighting throughout facility.


Various renders & photos of Lake City Studios.
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Two new facilities are currently in development within the Vancouver area. Here’s a sneak peak at Griffiths Studios and Lake City Studios.

Launched in the Summer of 2023, Griffiths Studio is a master planned complex designed to provide all of the amenities needed for productions to film their expansive projects. Griffiths Studio sits on a massive 5-acre site that contains 4 new soundstages which is situated 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver.
  • 4 sound stages: 2 x 50′ high, 2 x 40′ high
  • Full complement of lighting and grip gear on site
  • Mill shops and set dec, props lock-ups
  • Costumes/wardrobe and prep and wrap offices
  • 12,000 sf of office space
  • Located 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver
Opened Summer 2023
Lake City Studios is a purpose built, full-service, TV/film complex with 21 soundstages. This architecturally gifted facility will be powered entirely by renewable hydro electricity and have a dedicated area for recycling/waste management. Located directly beside a Skytrain transit station, it will allow over 1,000 cars to park below ground and a mile of film vehicles to park right beside the stages.
  • 21 sound stages: 6 x 50′ high, 10 x 40′ high, 5 x 35′ high ranging from 8,000 – 26,500 SF
  • Full complement of lighting and grip gear on site
  • Massive mill shops and set dec, props lock-ups
  • Costumes build and fitting areas fully immersed in natural light
  • 7 production offices / over 100,000 SF of office space
  • Located 10 minutes from airport and 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver
  • Campus-like environment with many film related business on site
Opening Spring of 2025